14 Feb

How much do B1+ non-uniformities affect quantification of brain structure with 7 Tesla MRI? It depends — on scanner hardware, acquisition parameters, and the use of B1+ correction. Our preprint by explores this using data acquired at Western University and Maastricht University

13 Jan

Received the positive news that I my application for a Mitacs Globalink Research Award has been approved. This will allow me to work for three months at the Institut Pasteur with Dr. Roberto Toro.

14 May

Together with our collaborators at Maastricht University (Netherlands), and Dr. Dimo Ivanov in particular, we presented the first fine-scale mapping of hippocampal blood flow at the annual meetings of ImNO and ISMRM. Please find more details here.

10 Apr

In Kneppers et al. we performed data-driven clustering to disengtangle the distinct skeletal muscle molecular responses to pulmonary rehabilitation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This work got published in the Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle.

1 Mar

Got awarded a 2-yr BrainsCAN postdoctoral fellowship! This allows me to continue working in the Khan Lab until March 2021.

1 Oct

I started as postdoctoral fellow at Western University in London, Canada, with Dr. Ali Khan and Dr. Stefan Kohler.

27 Jun

I succesfully defended my doctoral thesis with the title: 'Quantitative brain MRI at 7T in healthy subjects and in metabolic diseases'!

6 Jun

Developed by Omar Faruk Gulban and Marian Schneider, we published a scalable method to improve gray matter segmentation at ultra high field MRI in PLOS One. Along with this publication, they released an openly accessible Python implementation of the presented methods (see also my forked GitHub repository).

18 Feb

Soon after, my third first-author research paper, studying the impact of B1+ correction on MP2RAGE cortical T1 and apparent cortical thickness at 7T, was published in Human Brain Mapping.

31 Jan

My second first-author research paper on the application of UHF-MRI in mitochondrial disease patients ('Anatomic & metabolic brain markers of the m.3243A>G mutation: A multi-parametric 7T MRI study'), was published in NeuroImage: Clinical.

1 Aug

Our comparison, led by Anna Gardumi and Dimo Ivanov, of 3T and 7T ASL techniques for concurrent functional perfusion and BOLD studies got published in NeuroImage.

18 Nov

My very first own research paper got published! In this paper we tested the reproducibility and reliability of quantitative and weighted T1 and T2∗ mapping approaches for myelin-based cortical parcellation at 7 Tesla. This paper was preceded by several abstracts submitted to the annual meetings of ISMRM and OBHM, see also my publication list.

15 Oct

After obtaining my Msc. Medical Biology degree I was hired as PhD student at the department of Cognitive Neuroscience, Maastricht University, Netherlands. Under supervision of Prof. Kamil Uludag and Prof. Elia Formisano I started a project which focussed on the application of UHF-MRI in clinical populations, and to combine this data with whole-exome sequence, metabolomics and cognitive data.

1 Jan

As part of my second internship I performed in vivo ultrasound measurements in post-head and neck cancer patients to investigate the effect of the effect of radiotherapy on the carotid arteries. This resulted in two co-authorships published in BMC Neurology and Radiotherapy & Oncology.

3 Oct

Wrote my Master thesis (literature review on 'Sex Differences in Stroke') which was published in the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. In addition, we published another review on the 'Impact of fatty acids on brain circulation, structure and function' in the Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids journal.

1 Nov

During my first Master internship I performed pre-clinical MR imaging (my first experience!), behavioral and histological work using Alzheimer's Disease mouse models. This was done within the Department of Anatomy at Radboud University and Donders Centre for Brain, Cognition and Behavior, under supervision of dr. Amanda Kiliaan and dr. Valerio Zerbi. This resulted in a co-authorship published in Neural Plasticity

1 Sept

I continued studying Medical Biology (neuroscience track) at Radboud University, after finishing my pre-master

1 Sept

After completing my Bachelor program, I stayed in Nijmegen and started my pre-master program at Radboud University, necessary to start my Master program, Medical Biology

1 Nov

Moved to Nijmegen, the Netherlands, for my second 7-months internship. Now at the Molecular Animal Physiology at within Radboud University to do genomewide analyses of the rat barrel cortex, supervised by dr. Astrid Valles. This resulted in a co-authorship published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

16 Feb

Traveled to Australia for a 7-months internship at the Developmental Neurobiology lab within the University of Sydney, supervised by dr. Catherine Leamey. Here I performed behavioral and histological work in TenM-/- mice to study brain plasticity.

1 Sept

Started studying Applied Biomedical Sciences at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda, the Netherlands.